Sometimes all it takes is listening to the first few notes of a song to realize that it is going to be a big deal. ‘It Takes Time' by VIRTU is one of those tracks. It starts off with an otherworldly orchestral build that immediately draws the listener in. Captivating yet inviting, the atmospheric synths riff against haunting vocals, all while tension gorgeously is built setting up for a brilliant drop.

When ‘It Takes Time' finally does release it drops into a dark, driving futuristic beat. Industrial overtones crash onward before another melodic section is introduced. This time in a major chord progression. Uplifting the listener to a point of near pure euphoria. ‘It Takes Time' is a gorgeous storyline of a song. VIRTU is capable of relaying a better story in just over five minutes than many artists are able to do in a full LP.

VIRTU is a talent that we rarely get to see at this stage in the game. If you are unfamiliar with him, then you are going to want to get acquainted as this is only the beginning for the artist, and their future is very, very bright. Follow VIRTU on socials and check out ‘It Takes Time' below.

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