Your favorite ghost boy DJ just dropped LSD. Well not really. He did however drop his newest track called ‘LSD’ — and it’s just as trippy and mystifying as you would expect.

A dreamlike intro is met with samples from a 1950s interview of a woman trying LSD for the first time. Video game-like synths are married with powerful drums to create a soundscape that makes you feel like you are tripping on the real thing. Close your eyes, put this song on and see for yourself.

This track is just one of many we will see on Ghastly’s forthcoming album, The Mystifying Oracle. Dropping on May 4, this new album will contain 13 new tracks — and we expect to see 2017 singles like ‘We Might Fall’ and ‘I’ll Wait’  to make the cut.

Ghastly also recently announced his 25-city tour where he will be bringing his new The Oracle stage production with custom designed retro horror film visuals. For tickets and more information visit:

We can’t wait to see what Ghastly brings to the table on this new album and tour, but for now enjoy the mini trip that is woven into a 3 minute song.

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