Nicky Romero has been experimenting with several different styles of the past year. While some of them we believed some of them missed the mark a bit, it is downright awesome to see an artist stray outside of their comfort zone. In his latest release Nicky hit the mark and he had some help with one of EDM's favorite vocalists ROZES.

ROZES is best known for her work with The Chainsmokers but has been working nonstop the past year to make sure her name is attached to some of the biggest releases in EDM. Nicky Romero tapped ROZES on ‘Where Would We Be' and magic is apparent. The song follows the formula of what is hot right now, a drop that is future bass in nature with chopped and filtered vocals for an added layer of texture.

This song stands out for a lot of reasons. Obviously ROZES nails the vocals but Nicky crafted the production beautifully. The timing for drops and added elements of production is flawless. Even if you are a bit tired of the sound featured in this tune, you cannot deny that this song is crafted to perfection. Check it out below.

Overall Rating
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