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Ibiza Making Strides in Banning Apartment and Home Rentals

Past and present, before EDM was even EDM, Ibiza, Spain has proven itself as the hotbed for electronic dance music talent on an International scale. From the days when American’s were under some sort of umbrella believing electronic music was some sort of cult, to the days now that has hundreds of thousands flushing on and off the white isle. Due to the recent splurge in international popularity, the small island off the shore of Spain. The beautiful island has received the partier get-a-way title and they are in turn taking strides to keep the island under control. I don’t know if y’all remember, but, Ibiza has been all over the news over the past summers, club owners evading taxes, hiding millions and millions of dollars in floor panels. It’s been chaos. But that chaos is pretty hard to avoid when you have this type of economy and money flow in place. They are literally printing money in these clubs.

The Islands Capital, Ibiza Town, which is home to HEART Ibiza and Pacha Ibiza, is working to implement a law that would make it illegal rentals of homes and apartments in the area. A highly populated area of locals has become irritated with the on-going partying and noise. A similar plan has been implemented in other nearby towns and cities.

Do you remember the hit single “Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner? Dumb question. Well if you remember, someone in the government sent out an invite to Posner to come to the island and explore its natural beauty outside of its party scene and they seem keen to spread that depiction. The Director of Tourism in Ibiza has been vocal about the current state of the island:

“”The arrival of digital platforms has created an untenable situation. What we've lived through these past summers hasn't been positive for anyone, which is why we want our housing stock to return to being residential and not for tourists.”

While AirBNB and other platforms may see their demise in Ibiza, it can be noted that there are many other options on the White Isle including hotels and hostels. You can’t really knock em’ for wanting to make their breath-taking island more family friendly. In the meantime, if you plan on visiting Ibiza, here is your up-to-date go to club events and lineup announcements!

Ibiza Spotlight Club Dates and Events

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