Above & Beyond shows are like a full out spiritual experience. I have seen the guys in concert well over 20 times at this point in my life and I can safely say that I cried at, at least half of those shows. One memory sticks out in particular which was during their Miami Music Week show in 2015. My friend was attending the show with me and it was his first A&B show ever. I informed him he should get ready to cry, to which he scoffed. He said the only way he would shed a tear is if A&B for some reason played Deadmau5's classic – ‘Strobe'. Well for whatever reason the guys thought it was a good time to inject that track into the middle of their set seemingly randomly. Sure enough we were both in tears.

A&B know how to get in touch with the feelings of their fans, this is one reason for their international success. Another reasons is that they are just hands down some of the greatest people in the dance music industry. Like the video below that was filmed at an all ages show they trio held. They invited a young girl who appears to be no more than 10 to come on stage to shut down the show with their classic ‘Press The Button' rouse that they have during every live performance. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, they you probably need to lighten up because this is just awesome. Check it out below.

Probably the most adorable pressing of the button ever at Above & Beyond last night. from r/EDM

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