Louis the Child and Whethan are easily two of the most accessible artists in all of EDM. Both of their sounds are inviting, uniqiue, captivating and just powerfully catchy. Louis the Child and Whethan both have been seen a lot together in 2018, and we could instantly tell a three way bromance was brewing. We could have never anticipated a 6 track EP out of the blue featuring singles from both artists as well as some collaborations.

Overall the EP, ‘Honey' is as sweet as it's name sake. It is relaxed, fun and beautifully represents the overall vibe both artists give off. Honestly this is one of the most enjoyable releases we have had a chance to hear in the past several months.

It goes to show that Louis the Child and Whethan both are mastering the cross over of EDM and the indie, alternative sound that is becoming more popular by the minute. If these three younger men are the future of dance music then we are in insanely good hands. Check out the EP below, and download it for free here!