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4B Goes Insane on Herobust’s “Vertebreaker” Titling his Remix “Move Mint”

Photo Cred: Yo Gonzo

My first bold prediction of the year. Hope you're ready. 4B becomes a superstar. Over the past few years, the American DJ has been traveling the world dropping some of the most insane sets known to man and for some reason people have been sleeping on him. That's all going to stop this year. As pop has morphed the large portion of mainstream DJ's, it is clear as day that its bass musics time.

Ripping Dub phenomenon Herobust's “Vertebreaker” into his remix titled “Move Mint”, 4B took bass anthem and turned it into, well, a bass anthem. Don't get lost in my words though, this is on some other sh t. What we have learned about 4B thus far is that he has no desire to be ordinary. He brings an swag to his music that is almost to say, yo, you are not worthy of this and that is exactly what he did here with “Move Mint”. Vocals are pinched in but the drop, build and everything about the track is just lined up so perfectly. It meshes, it rips, and it is a vertebreaker.

If you have not seen 4B live, get your head out of your ass and catch him the next time he blesses a stage near you. In all honesty, I don't know 4B, but I'm sure he's cool with me making this promise for him, his show is guaranteed to give you a different perspective on bass music.

Peep his remix to Herobusts “Vertebreaker”, titled “Move Mint”, below.

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