Bassnectar surely had a productive 2017. With the release of a two-part EP and numerous unique curated events – the Bassnectar fandom was blessed with lots of Lorin Ashton.

Well Bassheads, continue to celebrate because the man himself just announced that new EP is on the way via his side project NAUX FAUX.

NAUZ FAUX old-school psychedelic downtempo” project Lorin created with his longtime friend and producer Sayr.

“It’s a throwback to a long-lost era of deep, mystical electronic music: analog synths, shimmering sounds, pulsing chords, chopped up breaks… A tribute to the magical days of the side room, the sunrise set, the discovery of new spellbinding frequencies… Fans of “Mesmerizing the Ultra” will likely find special delight in this…”

A small taste of the NAUX FAUX sound can be found on ‘Reflective Part Two’ with a Bassnectar remix of the track Psyopia. The EP is expected to be released by Valentine’s Day of this year. Until then, we will be patiently waiting. 

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