Ultra Co-Founder and CEO, Russell Faibisch was named Magnetic Magazine's Industry Person of the Year in 2017. This honor came with an exclusive interview in which Russel spilled a few small details about the surprise performance taking place this year to honor Ultra's 20 year anniversary.

He was asked outright if we can expect any special surprises at Ultra. He answered this…

“Yes, something very big is in the works! Every year we pride ourselves on delivering for our fans special unannounced performances and surprises. But for the big 20th Anniversary, we knew we had to deliver something huge. Something unique that can only be seen at Ultra. It is completely under wraps. The only thing I can say is to Expect The Unexpected.”


So you guys want to pick this apart and break down basically even the diction to pull out a possible confirmation of who the special guest that may or may not be rooted in reality and filled with confirmation bias? Yeah so do I. The thing that sticks out the most in the answer was the fact Russell said he wants something that can only be seen at Ultra.

Let's Be Real It Is Probably SHM

This rules out almost everyone. Everyone except for Avicii, Daft Punk, and of course the notorious Swedish House Mafia reunion. Let's be upfront right now – we cannot imagine Daft Punk showing up to Ultra. It does not really fit with their recent style. But at the same time it would be a show stopper.

Swedish House Mafia makes the most sense. It will most likely not be announced before hand and be a special performance to close the last day. We need to pay attention to the schedule as it comes out. If Axwell/\Ingrosso get the honor of closing the festival – it will all be confirmed. Avicii making a come back is also just as likely to be perfectly honest. The Swedish artist returned to the scene strong in 2017 and a single performance at Ultra could easily be in the works.

So who will be the surprise? We have no f*cking idea. But it is a lot of fun to think about.