Merry Christmas folks. This is the kind of high quality content that only comes once a year, so I am thrilled that it is landing only an hour before Christmas. Recently a Redditor on /r/EDM brought back one of the most epic pleas for help in the history of the site. It is so epic it can only be explained as a Christmas gift.

Unfortunately the original thread in /r/sex has since been deleted, but /u/swan_ronson13 was smart enough to grab a screenshot of the post. It is a 19 year old girl posting that her and her boyfriend have had sex 8 times. The catch is each time they have done the deed her BF has put on the Darude's classic ‘Sandstorm'. She claims it started off as a joke but things still haven't changed and is now seeking help. While we may never know the advice she was given by the users over in that sub, we know that everyone in /r/EDM reminded her how lucky she is to be getting some D to the best possible song of all time.

Alright, which one of you heathens is doing this? from EDM

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