Last month, SJ sat down with me and hinted at a new song he was working on, calling it one of his favorite records on his EP (you can read the entire interview here.) After one listen, it's easy to see why his latest track, titled “Flicker”, is one of his favorites.

Featuring Svrcina, this record channels SJ's past relationship uncertainties through a story that is relatable to anyone who's been in love. It is a very airy, future house track that relies heavily on nostalgia and all the good feelings that come with love through soothing vocals and melodies.

As his second release, this track follows the success he had with “Hung Up”, a collaboration between him and Tritonal that has seen over 30-million streams. After signing to their label, Enhanced Music, SJ took to the stage and opened up for Seven Lions alongside Kill The Noise as well as just recently being added to Tritonia 200, Tritonal's upcoming show in Seattle.

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Take a listen to “Flicker” below:

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