For being one of the youngest producers in the game, Dion Timmer surely has made a name for himself with his innovative music. The 18-year-old just released some new heat with his latest EP, ‘Textacy.’

The five song compilation showcases Dion’s ability to easily navigate through genres. This is something we never expected following the bass-heavy music he usually releases. The tracks are completely unique in themselves. From the house-infused opening tack “Textacy,” and “Cyan” to the classic dustep sound of “Tell You Why,” this EP is multifaceted.

Dion’s mentor Excision even makes a feature with the heavy-hitting track “Hoods Up,” and London-based rapper MagMag throws down a verse in “Berzerk.”

The experimental tracks on this EP are only making us more excited for what Dion Timmer will offer in the future. Let us know which song is your favorite.

Listen to the full EP below.

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