Virtual Self has been on of the most exciting story lines in the final quarter of 2017. After his collaborative Shelter project with Madeon Porter buckled down to start a one of a kind story about his new moniker, Virtual Self. The alias represents an in depth narrative about two mysterious and unique characters. The most being released under the Virtual Self name is all over the place with the common theme of emotion. Each track is unique and ranges from the bass to original trance inspired arrangements. Porter debuted his new live show as Virtual Self this past Friday in Brooklyn.

Tickets sold out almost immediately, so fast that the venue needed to be upgraded to accommodate the massive crowd vying for a chance to see the first live show of Virtual Self. By all accounts Porter brought everything he had and the show was a one of a kind experience. Many were torn up that they were not able to see Virtual Self in person. Luckily one dedicated fan filmed the entire set which you can see below. Let us hope that it doesn't get taken down, we have included 2 videos of the full set.