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Fans Have Noticed Some Serious Similarities Between An Axel Boy Remix And A Jauz Original

Plagiarism is something that gets thrown around a lot in electronic dance music. Usually it ends up being an unfortunate accident. Some times like in the case of Duke Dumont and his accusations against Zhu, the claims are entirely baseless. Well a conversation has been sparked up on Reddit this week about an Axel Boy remix of Pink Guy's ‘Are You Serious' and Jauz's track ‘Claim To Be'. There are a few sections of the track which are so similar it is near impossible to ignore. Jauz's track was released 2 months before Axel Boy's remix.

Unfortunate Accident or Intentional Copying?

Redditors have noted that at about one minute on both tracks is when the similarities start to appear. It does seem to be almost the exact same arrangement just in a different key or run through a different filter. It honestly does raise some questions. Listen to both tracks below and let us know what you think.

Jauz – ‘Claim To Be'

Pink Guy – ‘Are You Serious' (Axel Boy Remix)


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