Porter Robinson's latest side project has been the talk of the town. Virtual Self is the gift that keeps on giving for Porter fans. After a long time of no new solo music Porter announced his new alter ego, and many different characters along with it. Path Selector and Technic Angel are two characters which seem to shape the mood of the music which is produced. They appear to clash then also balance each other in his debut EP. At the end of the day though, Virtual Self is a massive mystery.

The first live show for under the new moniker will be taking place this Friday in Brooklyn. The event sold out so fast, that it had to be upgraded to a larger space to safely accommodate the massive demand. Today Porter tweeted out the new home screen to the Virtual Self home page and it has fans drooling over the possibility that Porter will be live streaming the first performance of his new alias. Obviously, as most things with Virtual Self, this idea is not confirmed but it does seem to indicate some kind of live thread is about to go down.