It's hard to believe, but we are well over one year removed since Porter Robinson and Madeon surprised us with their “Shelter” collaboration.

It's even harder, for me personally, to believe that I saw their corresponding live tour over one year ago. Still, however, new remixes are released every now and again that bring me back to those beautiful nights. I've only been a fan of a few remixes over the past year or so: Mat Zo, Pure 100%, and Robotaki, just to name a top three, but Hahlweg's new remix may lay claim to one of the spots.

A Vancouver-based producer with only a handful of releases, I stumbled upon Hahlweg's “Shelter” remix last night for a pleasant surprise. It's a unique take on the original that I was not ready for, and I write that as the sincerest compliment, it's just good in a weird, interesting way. Listen to Hahlweg remix the “Shelter Boys” for yourself below!