Oliver Heldens struck solid gold with his release ‘What The Funk' a few months ago. The song was immediately a hit for it's signature Heldens vibe. It was fun, funky, and so damn catchy. Now Steve Aoki has taken a crack at the track and injected a ton of high energy big room electro sound into the once future house tune.

The results are surprisingly awesome. Steve Aoki has started to slowly return to dance music as 2017 concludes after focusing entirely on electronic rap crossovers for the first half of the year. This marks easily his most successful release in the EDM paradigm in 2017. While the track, like most big room is nothing to phone home about in terms of originality it is undeniably fun. For someone like me who came into the dance music world at the beginning of the big room electro blow up, this song is a great time. We are happy to see Steve still killing it with even the most unexpected remixes.