BROHUG have been bringing the heat hard and fast this year, with over a dozen singles and remixes this year alone. Taking inspiration from a wide range of musical styles and incorporating these in to their own unique sound, BROHUG have been one of the driving forces this year in terms of innovative music.

As well as remixing Major Lazer’s hit Know No Better earlier this year, the boundary-pushing trio have dropped singles on Dim Mak, Confessions, Spinnin' & now, they bring their exceptional sound to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label with their new single Ambush.

Ambush tiptoes forward on a gradual build-up, before leaping in to action with a swinging, bass-pumping beat and the kind of bouncy energy BROHUG are known for. Never ones to stay inside the lines, BROHUG lay down an innovative dance track that demands your undivided attention.

“In Swedish, the word ‘Ambush’ means “really fat track with siren sounding drop”, so that’s why we chose that name”BROHUG.

BROHUG’s Ambush is OUT NOW on Musical Freedom.