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Exclusive Interview – EDX And His Two Decade Long Career

Last Wednesday I got to catch up with a long standing figure in the dance music scene, you might know him, his name is EDX. I got to talk with him for a bit before his set at one of the premier clubs in New York, Output. We got to sit down and go into just about everything he's been working on, most notably the fact that he just recently hit the 2 decade mark of his career. Check it out and enjoy!

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-Hey so how are you doing? Are you excited to be back in NY doing another show?

“I'm doing well! I love coming back here, always really fun being in New York its such a big city for dance music. Also, great being able to play at Output again, I've played here a couple times already and I love it. It's such an intimate venue, it really provides a good club atmosphere for everyone and it's good to be back.”

-So let's talk about the new music you've been working on. How has that been going and what do you think about your latest release ‘Runnin'?

“Yeah I've been releasing a lot of music this year, being that it's also the 2 decades mark of my career and everything I really wanted to give back and finally show my fans what I've been up to. Before ‘Runnin' we had this single called ‘We Can't Give Up' and we reached over 2 million streams for that song in a matter of a couple weeks. It's crazy how people really liked that song and the singer Tom Gregory really added a special twist and edge to the record that I think made it stand out. I've been trying to push boundaries and be different with my music throughout this year. I wanted it to sound a little more diverse and the feedback from my fans has been amazing. ‘Runnin' has already been added to some big playlists on Spotify, we also got it into the top ten of Beatport. I mean the record is doing good, I'm very happy with it. I also actually have a new remix coming out too, it's a remix of Charlie Puth that I made and I'm very excited for that to be released.”

-Are there any big collaborations you can tell us about?

“The only one I really had recently was with Jonas Blue, and that was a lot of fun. I'm not really out there seeking collaborations though. I'm mainly just doing remixes for a lot of friends, a collab needs to come together at a good time and needs to be in the right moment.”

-So you're now hitting the 2 decade mark of your career. What are some memorable experiences you've had and how has the industry changed since you first began?

“You know music is always going in cycles, things have definitely changed a lot since I started and I think this generation has had a huge effect on the industry. The digital era we're in has added something special to how everything works and how music is distributed. I don't think the music itself has necessarily changed, its always just recycled, coming back around. I'm just really happy with the fact that I've been able to do this for so long and also how this whole time I've been able to focus on what I love and make a career out of it. The US had it's big break in dance music a couple years ago and everyone continues to love the music today but that really took like 20 years to happen. It's great how much interest people have in dance music now and how people are understanding more about sub genres, it has become a huge part of the culture.”

-You have any big tours coming up in the near future?

“I really feel like I've been touring nonstop for the past 5 years. As of right now I'll be in the US one more week and then I'm off to Asia and then Europe. After that I'm back to the US in December then rounding out the year with some shows in Europe again, and finally doing New Years in Cape Town. Again I'm just really happy that I've had the chance to work on music and be able to tour the world, reaching so many people. Being able to travel and meet these people who have connected with your music is something truly special and i feel very blessed.”

A man who has done a lot in his 2 decade long career, EDX is truly a special artist. Even with his long standing career he is still doing a lot and looks like he is loving every second of it. Great to chat with this legend and look for him to continue making big moves for many more years to come.

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Be sure to check out his latest release ‘Runnin' below…

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