tyDi returns to his trance roots with ‘Did You Know', the 2nd single off of his upcoming album, Collide. tyDi  is fresh off the success of the album’s acclaimed first single Closing In' featuring the vocals of Dia Frampton.

Teaming again with acclaimed composer Christopher Tin, tyDi revisits his trance roots with an orchestral twist: Chunky synthesizers and futuristic sequencers build a digital playground as lush strings and horns paint a cinematic backdrop while singer London Rouge angelically coos of love and longing.

I'm not going to lie to you here, this new orchestra fusion that tyDi is doing is one of my favorite things in the music world right now. I didn't think I need orchestra and trance together as much as I did after listening to this track. I truly hope their is at least 1 more trance tune on the album, but either way, i'm VERY excited about what's in store for tyDi.

Read the quote from tyDi himself about the reason behind the new sound, and check out ‘Did You Know' below.

“When you watch a film with an intense score, you’re swept away to a different planet. The atmosphere, emotions, melodies and instruments captivate you. That feeling doesn’t always enter the dance realm. I wanted to capture that magic and bring it to the electronic world,” tyDI says.

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