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This Facebook Group Is Selling Stickers So You Can Catch and Release Wooks For Science

The wook epidemic that is starting to hit the nation hard has not gone unnoticed. When the elusive creates started to venture outside of California and Colorado many people had no idea to react. It was a shock to the system. Dreadlocks all over the place, things constantly being borrowed and never returned, and of course a national shortage of Ketamine was soon to follow. One group of individuals wants to help the world realize that the common wook is in fact more afraid of you than you are of them – and in most cases you can easily coexist in harmony with these beautiful creatures. That is why we want to feature Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters, who are truly doing the lord's work.

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Bag N Tag ‘Em For Future Research

The Facebook groups started off as a place for people to share over the the top wookery that they encountered in their day to day lives. Whether that be at a music festival or in public. The results were absolutely incredible. Videos like that one below were featured and helped the page grow from a small community full of festival goers sharing their experiences into a national sensation.

Obviously the tongue in cheek nature of the group grew into something even more phenomenal. CBGTWH started to sell official stickers to bag and tag wooks, taking their collection of observational research to the next level. It was time to tag the magical creatures so more data could be collected on their eating, mating, and social habits. This is where the infamous sticker comes in. Fans have made catch and release wook hunting into an international sport, trying to tag the most elusive wooks without their knowledge using the sticker below.

The group sells the sticker and other official wook hunting supplies on their website. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Facebook page and get busy hunting!

Note: Yes we know it is all a joke made in good fun. This is obviously satire and we love our community members wooks or not.

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