Dr. Shiver ft. Jmi Sissoko – Brave Love [EDM Sauce EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Calling on the talents of emerging vocalist Jmi Sissoko, Dr. Shiver returns with a fresh new single ‘Brave Love'. Hot from the heels of previous releases ‘Wusu' and ‘Something', 2017 is looking set to be a milestone year for the Italian producer – and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Stacking some serious heat with energetic drum patterns and catchy guitar riffs, ‘Brave Love' offers sophistication and dance-ability in equal measure. The vocals of Sissoko pop beautifully over the dance friendly melody created by Dr. Shiver. Dr. Shiver is an artist that has made it on my radar this year, and I don't see him leaving any time soon.

Check out his new single below EXCLUSIVELY here on EDM Sauce, and on ALL DSP's 11/20

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