Lil Peep, the up and coming rapper and Youtube star has reportedly died from a drug overdose. At the young age of 21 the rapper who was helping the emo music scene blend with that of rap apparently succumbed to an OD late Wednesday evening. The OD was a suspected multi-drug cocktail that consisted of Xanax mixed with other substances. When mixed with alcohol, opiates or other depressants Xanax is incredibly lethal due to its sedative nature. It has been reported but not confirmed that Lil Peep ingested fake Xanax bars which were cut with the dangerous opiate Fentanyl. Many fans are calling out the Xanax culture of the new school of rap artists as part of what killed Lil Peep.

The artist dropped his debut album only a few months ago and his future was looking incredibly bright. His manager tweeted out a grim message, stating that he has been expecting the artists death for many months, indicating that Lil Peep has been heavily struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Even Marshmello was quick to express his condolences stating that the two were in talks of a potential upcoming collaboration.

Lil Peeps death is the most recent in a string of musician related deaths which involved mental illness. It is sad to see a talent snuffed out so early. Our prayers and thoughts are with the friends and family of Lil Peep. Take a listen to one of his biggest hits below.

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