Hot off the drop of hit Electronica single “Phases”, dzill is back with his second consecutive Wednesday release off of his single series “Phases: The Series”. “Phases” was a humongous release for underground dance music fans everywhere and Darren has brought to us (in my opinion) an equally rad if not ‘radder’ track in “I Remember This Differently”. I love things like this. It’s like Thanksgiving, as cliché as it may sound, you get a turkey , mashed potatoes and stuffing on the day of the holiday, and then for weeks following you have the ability to make killer sammmmmiches with the left overs. I’m really not sure that made total sense, but, we got “Phases” last week and the series continues to provide yet another electronic hit a week later. It’s like leftovers, but better, because its still fresh af.

“I Remember This Differently” brings a killer tempo’d bassline with a little bounce from other sounds. It progresses beautifully allowing for the listener to build on vibes throughout the track. Magically working in tweeked vocal sounds, dzill delivered a funky, less dark mesh this time around. He brings in a bit more of a sound audience prior the build driving us right back into the abyss of the mastered tempo beat.

We asked the DJ/Producer, What is was the inspiration behind “I Remember This Differently” and how did it come to life?
“Have you ever re-visited somewhere and remembered everything about that place differently? A feeling where your memory didn't align with the present reality? That's what inspired this track. A feeling where your memories of somewhere are completely different than what you are seeing and feeling and realizing the place in your memories will never return. I came across this eerie old Indian sample of a chime that I just had to use, which you hear throughout the track with altered pitch to create a repeating chord progression. You hear this progression go through different stages with a syncopated dark beat which develops into a full driving beat with minimal elements.”

In case you missed the first installment, “Phases”, you can find it below on dzill's Spotify page. “I Remember This Differently” attached seperately and is ready to make you wonder why you have been listening to Dance Pop for the past year.