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Guy Reportedly Smuggled DMT Across Country Disguised As Grandma’s Ashes

I find myself saying it more times than not over the course of a week now, but there were some headlines I truly never thought I would end up writing when I started blogging here at EDM Sauce. This one definitely falls under that umbrella. That being said I have to laugh and enjoy the creativity of some people when it comes to drugs.

Wooks Converge On Hulaween

Hulaween is a music festival that takes place on the Suwanee River in Florida over the last weekend in October. This year Bassnectar, Ween and The String Cheese Incident all headlined. Needless to say that these three acts all pulled wooks from every corner of the country and brought them together in North Central Florida like a finely matted dread lock. No obviously the enjoyment of various substances at music festivals goes far beyond any subculture of festival goers. Many people seek festivals as an escape from reality and drugs go hand in hand with that ideal. Some people may even want to keep the party going when they find substances at a festival which are hard to obtain.

From Florida To LA With “Nana's Ashes”

DMT is easily the most powerful hallucinogen known to man. If you are not in the know about the uhh ‘Spirit Molecule' you can watch this short clip from Joe Rogan, the host of Fear Factor, go on a borderline incoherent rant about it.

Having experience a handful of these trips myself before getting sober, he is not far off from the truth. It sucks you out of reality and leaves you falling into a wonderland of fractals and insanity. It is a heavy experience but if I am being honest, DMT got less spiritual and more just fun when I did it more than once.

Anyway I digress, DMT is notoriously hard to find for an everyday experimenter with psychedelics. I guess that is why one individual, when they found the drug at Hulaween, decided to get creative with his techniques of taking back to LA. While we have no idea if they even ran into any police on the cross country trip home – we have to say that this is the first time we have seen drugs disguised as a dead grandma's ashes. Cheers you insane individuals, I am both proud and uncomfortable about this one.

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