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Valentino Khan Talks Sean Paul Collab, New Music, Wrestling & More

A mainstay within the dance music industry over the past few years, Valentino Khan certainly needs no introduction. The LA native first blew up in 2015 following the massive success of his singles ‘Deep Down Low‘ & ‘Pump' which both have ultimately crossed over 100 million streams through all DPS platforms and YouTube views. Having produced with hip hop stars, other DJ's, producers, and amazing vocalist's like Sean Paul, Khan is one of the most versatile producers in the game.

His newest single ‘Gold' with vocals of Sean Paul is for sure on its way to millions of streams, with a moombah-dance pop vibe that ANY music lover will enjoy. We got the chance to talk to Valentino via phone and talk about his latest single, new music, food, WWE & more. Check out the highlights of the interview below!

Valentino Khan on how his collab with Sean Paul came about…

“Yeah we just got in the studio together and I wanted to make a really fun and danceable moombahton record. I had started out producing moombahton when I first entered the scene, and it was cool to work with Sean Paul on the track”

Khan also spoke with us about how it felt to go back to showing his moombah vibes that he came into the scene with, yet also showing how hes grown as an artist…

“It was really fun to get back to making the sound that I started on the scene with yet show how I've developed my sound as a producer. I wanted to make a great record with a really good vibe to it”

We also asked Valentino what he thought on his single being used on Major Lazor‘s upcoming Documentary, ‘Give Me Future'…

“Yeah, diplo and the guys we're really feeling the sound of the track and wanted to make it the lead single to the soundtrack. It's definitely a pretty cool accomplishment”

We asked Valentino how it feels to play at some of the biggest venus in the USA such as the Aragon Ballrom, House of Blues, & Terminal 5….

“its definitely cool to play at venues like that but its all about when you get inside the venue. You really get a sense of a venue from inside from the crowd and the energy that they bring”

What would Valentino prefer to play at, a festival or a club show?

“its really cool to play in front of thousands of people, but like I said before it's all about the energy and vibe of the crowd. Whether it is some sweaty after party or EDC its the energy that the crowd brings that's the best”

On Halloween weekend, Valentino played at “Fright Night” in Sacramento, California with artists like Diplo, Excision, Ganga White Knight, & ARMNHMR. We asked him how that event went…

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“Yeah, it was a really dope event. Being in California the crowd is always extra hyped and crazy with me being from here”

We wanted to know about upcoming new Valentino, we're getting some new, new but we don't know when…..

“Yeah, I have some collaborations int he works but I dont know if im allowed to talk about them. But yes, I have new music coming for you.”

We branched off of music to end the conversation and talked about one of Valentino's favorite things, wrestling. If you follow him on social media, you know he goes to every WWE event in LA and is a HUGE fan.

Who was Valentino's favorite wrestler growing up??

“I was a stone Cold Guy for sure”

Who is his CURRENT favorite WWE star?

“Braun Strowman, I love how they have built him up. I find myself looking at it more from a writers perspective now, focusing more on the story and build.”

There is a lot more to wrestling than in ring work. We wanted to know Valentino's favorite entrance of all time, and he gave us 2 great ones….

Undertaker or Triple H. I love how they give Undertaker all the time he wants and no one complains or gets bored with it. And Triple H, the whole water thing is great.

We wanted to know his MUST HIT spot when he's traveling the world, ya know that place you NEED to go to when you go to a town or state. Khan had his answer for sure….

El Taco Tote. this little taco place near the border in texas. the tacos are great, but its all about the guacamole sauce.

And what is his go-to on the road, airport snack??

“This is kind of disgusting but…Beef Jerky.”



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