Slander’s ‘Superhuman’ Goes PsyTrance With Gammer Remix

Slander‘s ‘Superhuman' featuring Eric Leva was one of the biggest tracks of the summer. Reaching over 1 million listens on YouTube, and over 2.7 MILLION Spotify streams in under 6 months, ‘Superhuman' was a super-hit. As it is with most EDM hits with such incredible vocals, we were due for a remix, and what a remix we got. Fellow Monstercat buddy Gammer got his hands on ‘Superhuman' and we are going PSYYYYYY.

Gammer‘s remix is one of the best remixes of the past few months in my opinion. Isolating Eric Leva's masterful vocals in the beginning really doesn't give you any idea on where the track is going. After the isolated vocals, we get a hard style, Gammer'ish build up that I fully expecting a hard style drop from. What we got was…welll….PSYTRANCE. When this psytrance drop hit my jaw hit the ground. Going from isolated vocals, to hard style, to psytrance really shows Gammer's production skill.

Check out the remix below & let's get Psy!

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