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Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self Set To Embark on First Live Show

It’s official! Over the past month or so, Porter Robinson has been dropping new music and teasing more releases under the alias “Virtual Self”. Having hinted at the idea for past 3-years, the Electronic DJ/Producers has finally delivered to us the mesmerizing change of pace that Virtual Self brings. The legacy of Porter Robinson continues and I don’t think there is a single fan out there complaining about new sound as it is showing an insane amount of diversity.

Having created alternative social accounts, dropped two singles “Eon Break” and Ghost Voices” , and leaving us all wanting more, it is finally confirmed! Virtual Self- 12.08.17-Brooklyn, New York-Avant Gardner.

If you are a music fan of any kind, this event is going to be one that will go down in your memory bank as a life changing show. Mark my words, you will be telling your kids, grandkids, your grandkids grandkids even about this insanity. Pre-sale tickets go on sale NOVEMBER 14th. You will need to visit the link below, enter information and PRAY. Tickets will be lucky to be on sale for 30 seconds before selling out! God speed and hopefully, see you there!


Follow Virtual Self and Porter on Socials for more updates:

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