The lure behind Porter Robinson's new alias, Virtual Self is thickening every day it seems. Just a few days ago we reported that bizarre posters started to pop up around Brooklyn announcing the artists first show under the new alias which will be held on 12.8.17. Today Virtual Self tweeted out a message that was quickly deleted. It was only a phone number, a number with an Iowa area code no less.

Virtual Self Phone Number? from porterrobinson

Strange right? Well things get even more stranger when you call the phone number. It leads you to a new track playing in the background and over top the music a girl's voice recites a cryptic ballad of sorts. One Redditor had a chance to transcribe the entire message, and it is definitely out there.

Virtual Self Phone Number? from porterrobinson

So what exactly is going on here? Well one Redditor went so deep down the rabbit hole that they were pulling up trademarks registered with the government and found some seriously interesting stuff. Turns out the name is patented in Porter's home state and through digging around the patent it appears that a video game studio is in production on a new VR game. Is this just a coincidence of something really actually happening? All we know for sure is that we will get more questions before any answers.

I think I figured out Porter Robinson's side project: VIRTUAL SELF


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