Martin Garrix's imprint STMPD RCRDS has been a little quiet lately. As the old adage goes, there is always a calm before a storm. Today we have finally been able to see the coming storm on the horizon. Today the label uploaded a cryptic video teaser of a new track. What has fans incredibly excited is that the text in the video is in Hindi. In English the Hindi word Sapera translates to ‘Charmer' or more specifically the word refers to snake charmers. Now fans obviously have exploded in speculation about what this release could entail.

First many fans think it could be a reference to DJ Snake, as Sapera does mean snake charmer. Others believe the use of the Hindi phrase makes it obvious that the coming release will be a collaboration with KSHMR who constantly uses Indian melodies and traditional music in his productions. This is all just conjecture at this point, but it appears that we will know soon enough. check out the teaser below


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