If you have ever had the opportunity to see A-Trak live, odds are one of two things happened: One, you 3lau’d a load in your pants from the effortless scratching/Real DJing skills this guy possesses- Two, had a seizure from the insanity and missed everything after the first 30 seconds. Delivering some of the most outlandish perfection to date in this industry, 1/2 of Brother’s Macklovitch (shout out Chromeo's ‘Dave-1' and his new fuego musico) driven his career through his early successes as a Hip-Hop scratcher and timeless Turntable sets. Becoming one of the most respected guys in the industry for staying true to his roots while still providing some of the radest “Mainstream Sets”, The King of Juiceeeeero has just brought to this earth an insane rip of Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do” Feat. SZA.

After seeing A-Trak throw down what was the most inspirational night of my life as a fan of Music in general at a Boiler Room set in Brooklyn, it became evident to me that this guy has more talent in one of his hairy arm hairs than most mainstream DJ’s embody in their entire being. When Adam Levine and Maroon 5 tapped him for a remix of their global hit “What Lovers Do” it was only fitting that he would deliver this perfection. Incorporating his un-earthly talents as a Live DJ, he “pulled out some breakbeats and started scratching.