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Elephante Hits Us With Another World-Class Melody “Come Back for You” Feat Matluck

Here we are, October 27, a Friday like any other. We all woke up this morning with a bit more pep in our step and thoughts of the weekend pounding through our brains. If of age, the smell of Bud Latte’s most certainly flooded your nostrils with hopes of a steezy weekend ahead. And on everyone’s favorite day of the week, the master of melody is back to hit us with a steamer.

Elephante has made a name for himself over the years. Since dropping his rookie EP “I am the Elephante”, the Michagan Born Tim Wu has been driving through his stylistic production. With hits like “Troubled”, which sent a message to the EDM world that this guy is here to stay, the Harvard grad is etching his name permanently in the genres hit book. Elephante is like the dude from “Don’t Mess with the Zohan”, not really but you “Don’t Mess with the Melodically Brotastic sound of the (Animals Wanted) Zookeeper”. Timmy, I know you’re reading this, I know a guy in Hollywood, script is in the works.

When I caught up with Elephante back in September, aside from learning of how numb bleaching your hair makes your head, Timmy prime time dropped the following etch for the future:

We have a handful of singles that are very close. From there we will drop an EP. Just trying to wrap up these singles. A bunch of stuff in the works right now. Expect a big project coming soon!

Well chicas and brochachos, here is the front end of what is going to be a whirlwind of new drops!

This track brings a beautifully constructed vocal piece by Matluck accompanied by the dominating melodic approach that Elephante has grown known for. “Come Back For You” works as an outstanding follow up to his previous hit single “Troubled” which hit the EDM world HARD all summer long. Being a classically trained musician allows Elephante for the stringy verses of the song to strike with a strong pop feel almost sounding as if there is a band constructing the sound. Matluck’s voice lead to a bridge that drops into a euphoric trumpet compilation and underlying bassline. It’s an immaculate blend of these various sounds allowing for a rad final product.

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