Once a member of the Monstercat family, you will always be part of the family and you will always have support from the fans. And for me personally, that's translates well to Kasbo's career. His track “Again” from 2015 may be one of my favorite Monstercat releases (ever), and I've since continued to follow him for the past two years so I'm excited to further show my support and premiere his new track: “Bleed It Out” featuring Nea.

With “Bleed It Out” — released today on Counter Records with ODESZA's Foreign Family — Kasbo creates a captivating electronic atmosphere. As “Bleed It Out” beautifully builds with Nea's vocals, Kasbo blends future bass with tranquil lofi winds that which come together to produce an aptly subdued harmony.

It's a true beauty. Listen to “Bleed It Out” by Kasbo below!