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Artist of the Week: SToKE

Hey all! Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday! Today we are bringing you yet another exciting edition of our Artist of the Week series. We have come across a young up and comer going by the name of SToKE who has been doing some very interesting and creative things in the world of production.

SToKE is a British musician and artist working in Brooklyn NY. Renowned for his unique programming technique using only analogue synths as well as his extensive vintage synth collection, his is essentially an analogue man in a digital world.

Otherwise mysterious, choosing for his identity to remain unknown his roots in punk and industrial sound fuse with his obsession for electronics, machines and the synth.
The song is both hypnotic and captivating, dark and experimental. Inherently reflective of the current climate both in the UK & the USA but also inherently Beautiful.

Speaking about his record, this was a pretty creative process for SToKE. Not only did he create this track live, we got a chance for him to explain the process in detail.

“this tune was created as live single performance out put on the legendary Buchla 200e analogue modular synth system. The drums were al created using eurorack modules and effects with controlled randomization built into the patch. Louis VI heard this in my car and wanted to do a remix. SO i gave him the track and we recorded a bunch of analogue kicks and snares from the eurorack system and this is what he made” – SToKE

We hope that you find this artist as creative as we do! Take a listen to his records, follow his Soundcloud and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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