Bonnie X Clyde return to the EDM scene with their latest single “Torn,” along with mysterious DJ duo, Purge. Bonnie X Clyde are popularly known for their bass-filled music and their catchy vocals. It is no surprise that this track is just the same. “Torn” is a lyrical track that speaks about the hidden emotions that everyone faces today. Bonnie's exquisite vocals portray the tracks symbolism perfectly. The harmonious bass and future-like synths provide a very chilling yet calming sensation to those who listen to the single. Bonnie X Clyde describe the track as “expressing your true, raw feelings and coming to terms with them…and understanding it's ok to need help and to not be ok all the time.” For Bonnie X Clyde fans, this is a calling that sometimes it's okay to not be okay. This track really interprets music beautifully as the best form of therapy. Purge truly complemented this track with their haunting yet tempting design. This track will capture the hearts of anyone going through a hard time.

Check out the track below.

Sophia Medina
Hello, Everyone! My name is Sophia, but most people call me Sophy. I currently attend Florida International Univesity and I am in the process of earning my Bachelors degree in English. I write here for EDM Sauce and I truly enjoy it. My favorite DJs are Seven Lions and Porter Robinson.