Rave Radio explore a new production and songwriting style and skillset on “Carry You” featuring Gamble & Burke. The groovy pop jam is the first piece of music I've heard by anyone listed on the track, but I was pleasantly surprised to get dibs on this one to premiere. The incredibly catchy collaborative single combines a slinky global groove, emotive vocals and hooks from rising duo Gamble & Burke and an iconic hook from the 80’s classic, “Life In A Northern Town” by The Dream Academy. Check out a quote from Rave Radio below and under that stream their new single.

“We’ve been doing the Rave Radio project for almost 6 years now, writing music with no specific direction or goal in mind. Just creating stuff we thought sounded good and could play in our DJ sets. As we have developed as artists over the years and mastered our craft even more, so we wanted to also write music that was not only true to us but could also tell story and evoke emotion. We realized that we did not have to limit ourselves. Our sound could grow and we could be open to creating for the dance floor and beyond.”