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After Being Turned Down by Pacha’s Neighbors, FREQ Set to Open in Place of Space Ibiza NYC

You may have read my article a few months back referencing Hell’s Kitchen residents getting boujee about “noise” and how much that pissed me off. Like really pissed me off. If noise is a problem, you should prooooooobably strongly consider moving out of New York… Those bottom feeders Uptown 5th Ave dreams lead to the prospect of Space Ibiza NYC CEO Antonio Piacquadio opening FREQ in place of the Hollowed Grounds of Pacha getting shut down.. I went on to complain about people in Hell's Kitchen complaining about Noise being comparable to a Lower East Side resident saying they don’t like shots of Fireball. Continuing on the track, I mentioned that it's like a 20 something year-old dude from East Williamsburg saying he doesn't roll-up his jeans or wear Glasses without lenses… I was furious. An emotion I’m sure all of our readers felt as well. I wont get into any of the details of it turning into a museum or gallery or whatever the hell they were going to turn it into because its so irrelevant.

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Well, here we are a few months later. I am here with this News, a lighter note, I guess, it is yet to be seen. it appears Piacquadio has settled on the space at 637 W 50TH ST where he initially opened Space NYC for the for-mentioned opening of his new club FREQ.

In a recent email, I received a flyer for “The SoundFactory Halloween Reunion” with Jonathan Peters. For those of you that don’t know, these types of parties were HUGE at Pacha and Soundfactory before it prior to their closing. “FREQS come out” it is labeled. Other events have been slated on EDMtrain for “Space Ibiza NYC” which I assume has yet to be changed to what will now go as FREQ. I was unsure this was a one event thingbut, FREQ has already created a website and it appears this is actually going to be a thing. So, Cheers. Cheers Manhattan for trying to make a comeback onto the EDM scene. In my opinion, too little too late. But I’m not a very positive person when it comes to Manhattan’s EDM nightlife since the jock straps in Hell’s Kitchen destroyed my hopes and dreams of there being a return of ANY SORT of Pacah. Since its closing, Brooklyn has completely rejuvenated the scene and it may be past the point of no-return for Manhattan.

On the other hand, who knows, this could be a hit. Space NYC was close to being something big, but never really crossed over
from a club that had pretty solid talent to a staple in New York Nightlife. The interior was extremely boring, it just had zero identity, even with the most awarded club in the worlds backing. It was just weirdWho knows, if Piacuadio could make some changes to the internal structure this could turn out to be a huge success.

At the end of the day, I'm pretty pumped. Another effort to bring back the spots New York Ravers grew up at. Shame it's not at Pacha, but there is hope yet for another spot to set an imprint on the NYC scene at a time where we have lost so much of what he had grown to love.

FREQ website link below along with the link to previous article on Pacha.


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