Austin City Limits had it's first weekend this past Friday through Sunday. There were concerns about the safety of the festival after the deadly terror attack in Las Vegas, luckily C3 Presents made sure the event was both safe and a massive success. It was a true celebration of music of all genres featuring acts including Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Gorillaz and of course Martin Garrix.

One super fan recorded Martin's entire set from the festival. It was absolutely breathtaking. Garrix not only demonstrated how in demand dance music was at the event but also showcased is gorgeous new productions. At the 9:30 mark you can hear him do a live mash up of ‘Animals' and his soon to be released ID with Loopers. At 15:10 there is an entirely new, never before heard ID. Finally at 34:32 Garrix debuts a beautiful ID known simply as ‘Back In Time'. No artist has been confirmed on that track. Check it all out below!