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Danjul releases new EDM Pop track, “Chapter of Love”

Within the first couple seconds in to listening to “Chapter of Love” we were hooked. This was before the music kicked in. How so you say? Danjul takes it back to when music was more than just the instrumentation of it all, before it was all about the beat or the one hook, he turned back the dial to where it was about the lyrics and the deeper meaning to it. He starts it off with a spoken poetry, a symbolization of what this song truly means to him. Danjul lets his soul spill out unto us so that we get a transparency about him, a sense of vulnerability. This is what artists should be about; letting their fans inside their minds and their hearts. We're dumbfounded and excited that Danjul took this chance. It helps that the keyboard sets the mood for his enchanting vocals to say what he feels. “My life begins surrounded by darkness yet I'm still determined to find my light”, vulnerability with humble ambitions, the ambition to find HIS light, not a light. With just this simple line, he's bringing us courage to rise from the lows of the abyss and become who WE are destined to be.

When it's all said and done, the implementation of well executed instruments is vital to make a good track, great. We want to applaud Danjul for using more than just the basic instruments, more than the safe zone. Following the riff from the beginning keyboard, he follows suit with the low-pitch violin to continue the ambiance of vulnerability, of the struggle. When you just thought you figured out what you were about to listen to, he catches you by surprise by turning to a pop sound, perhaps more of a dark pop sound. Still, instead its a beautiful change of pace, a turning of a page of sorts, from a depressive sound to a high-tempo rhythm that clarifies that the old chapter is closed and a new era is ready to begin. As it is with love, we all have different chapters and the quickness of the violin strikes is intriguingly captivating. Add in the heartfelt vocals and you get a tack that is all-around made with precise care. Be sure to listen to Danjul “Chapter of Love”. If you want visual stimulation of what you're listening to, check out the music video above.


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