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ESH – Exclusive Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone who has been making some waves throughout the EDM scene. His name is ESH (Pronounced Aesch), an Austrian producer who has been releasing track after track and who seems to be headed towards a very bright future. He has been up to a lot and I'm very glad he took some time out of his day to chat with me for bit. You'll see in this interview that we go from his beginnings in music to what he's currently working on now. Enjoy…


-So first off tell me about yourself? What made you want to get into music?

“Well I go by the name ESH pronounced ‘Aesch'. The project has been going for 2 years and I've been producing for 6 years. I produce on logic I used to produce on FL and then Reason and finally got back into Logic. I started out in music playing the drums for a punk band when I was 16 and then it kind of developed into djing and from there I got into electronic music and production. The producing kind of went hand in hand with the djing. It really just started off for fun and then I began taking it more seriously, got a manager and started doing it professionally.”

-What exactly gave you the ability to take it from a hobby to a career?

“I first started getting recognition when I won a remix contest for Dirty South. I mean I've always enjoyed djing and that really is what kept me going and gave me the motivation to work hard at producing and then it eventually turned into a career.”

-What would you say is your favorite part of djing/producing and just music in general?

“Being able to connect with people and playing things that you created is something special. I really love that part but yeah it's tough though. The creativity seems like its always there but you need to keep working on the technical aspects of production in order to keep everything going. It was always quality over quantity for me. And I feel like the creative aspect is always there, the sound design can get lost and you need to be able to stay focused on the important things. ”

-So what have you been up to lately as far as new music goes?

“I have a song called ‘Break Your heart' with a U.S. based singer Thomas Daniels that will be coming out next month. Other than that I've been just mainly working on a lot of new stuff. I'm still really trying to ride the summer melodic wave. I kind of wanted to alter my style after the previous singles I released earlier this year because they kind of sounded similar. The new single is a bit more clubby and upbeat.”

-How is everything else going as far as the music goes?

“We just hit half million plays on ‘My Favourite Game' with Chelsea Collins which I'm pretty happy about. I'm also getting some good reactions on my latest single ‘Higher', we've been featured on some pretty big Spotify playlists.”

-How would you describe your sound?

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“I would like to categorize myself in a future house genre. I want to make things that will allow people to listen to in their cars, on the radio etc. After the new single I feel like things might be going in a new direction but I'm really just taking it one day at a time.”

-How is the dance scene in Austria?

“The dance culture is evolving in Austria for sure, but the motherland is always still the U.S. I can't always speak for Austria, they tend to not favor things that are very different. They love their radio hits.”

-Any new shows or tours coming up?

“We're planning on getting in contact with a couple of booking agencies. This past summer I really just spent hours upon hours in the studio and did a couple local gigs, not really any festivals. I had a couple shows in Croatia also. I hope that next year I will able to do some more shows and festivals.”

All in all it was great talking with ESH about everything that is music and EDM. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and look forward to seeing what he will do in his career. Be sure to check out ESH's latest release below and make sure to follow him on his socials!


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