All that is good and holy, Kennedy Jones has just released an absolutely unbelievable tune. This one is just about the hardest we have ever heard Mr. Jones go and we cannot be more thrilled to be premiering it for y'all today. Kennedy Jones is best known for relentless bass and forward thinking trap productions, but with the premiere of ‘Can't Hide' things just got raised to an entirely different level of intensity.

Three Minutes Of Pure Intensity

The track is steeped in ominous melodies that will instantly give you a chill down your spine but when this one lets loose it is far beyond your average drop. ‘Can't Stop' releases a full frontal onslaught of pure filth. Just when you think that this song might ease back on the power, Kennedy ratchets things up about 10 notches. There is never even a chance to come up for air. This track hits you hard, fast and continually. This is no doubt one of our favorite bass tunes to hit the scene this year. Take a listen below.