Following the news of the tragic events that took place at Burning Man this year, Skrillex was tracked down by TMZ to give his thoughts on the man (Aaron Joel Mitchell) that died after running into the flames.

Mitchell, 41, ran through two perimeters of security personnel during a ceremony in which a wooden figure is set ablaze to symbolize rebirth.

As Skrillex was headed to his Tesla, TMZ caught up with Skrillex to respond to the events that took place this year. Skrillex said “that's not the first time it's happened at a festival. It's tragic man.” Skrillex went on to say that because it's a festival unlike another, that Burning Man is special because there “is very little presence of law and people are there to be self-reliant and self-expressive. Let's just hope it stays an uplifting place.”

Watch Skrillex's response below: