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Danny Avila Talks Style Sessions, Trance & More In Exclusive Interview

Danny Avila’s ‘Style Sessions’ are something to behold. The young DJ and producer has been broadcasting live from Facebook each week for the 5 weeks, presenting his own interpretation of electronic music styles via unique sets crafted just for his fans. We got the chance to host his trance session and talk about the thought process behind making mixes, trance music & more. Check them out below and make sure to check into his facebook to watch previous sessions!

That session was incredible! What made you decide to do these live DJ

Thanks guys! It was a real pleasure to share the experience with you. For me, the
Style Sessions are really just a chance for me to share with the world my passion for
all kinds of electronic music. I find it hard to focus on one type of music when there
are so many awesome sub-genres and styles to experiment with. The Sessions are
my way of putting all that love and energy in to a format which expresses the
diversity of electronic music in the most accessible way. That and the fact that
they’re seriously good fun! I don’t get to DJ genres such as Trance at regular gigs,
so it’s nice to have some variety.

Trance is probably my favorite EDM genre, what went into making this session
– is it more about tracks that people know or just building a solid flow?

With my Trance Session I tried to incorporate a nice mix of well-known hits and
some treats you may not have stumbled across before. Trance is such a unique style
with plenty of power, progression and feeling – I wanted the set to tell a story while
squeezing in some of the classics.

What are a few songs that stick out in this mix for you that really made it pop?
For me it was for sure when you dropped Omnia – The Fusion.

The Fusion is a killer track!! Also, my opening track ‘Follow The Light’ by Arty and
Andrew Bayer is just amazing. Arty is just an amazing producer, super unique
sound, absolutely knows what he’s doing. In combination with Andrew Bayer this is
just over the top. Also love all the Ilan Bluestone tracks. Always an amazing
crossover of so many genres. Amazing productions!

What kind of music do you gravitate towards when being a music listener, not
a producer?

I’m all over the place when it comes to getting down and having a good listening
session. I grew up very much surrounded by music – I learned to play the violin,
guitar and piano quite early on before discovering the electronic music world. When
I’m chilling out I tend to go for hip hop and rap lately. I’m a fan myself of making
beats such as those in many of the classic hip hop tracks.

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Thanks for doing this! Anything else you'd like to share with the world before
we split?

My pleasure, dudes! Thank you for having me. I’m feeling pretty inspired at the
moment as I just played a couple of shows in China for the Ultra Countdown Tour –
that was insane. I’m also touching down in India, Spain, Germany and the UK over
the next two months so I’m super pumped for those. See you all soon!

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