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Rumors Fly Yet Again Of Daft Punk Performing Secret Set At Burning Man: PICTURES

Yes, we know that this is entirely a punch line of each Burning Man. Daft Punk is playing by the trash fence is just like telling a freshman that the chemistry lab is just past the pool on the third floor, when your high school has neither. A way to jest a newcomer and watch them run off in harmless hazing. Still each year we find more and more rumors flying with ever elaborate ruses to accompany them. Burning Man 2017 is no different. This time though there are pictures.

An anonymous source has supplied Australia's premiere dance music media outlet, In The Mix, with pictures of what is reported to be a secret set by Daft Punk. Now we cannot say for sure and by that we mean that we can only take these claims with a serious grain of salt. We have seen replication helmets in the past, and we have definitely heard of fake secret sets. But only time will tell. Then again Daft Punk isn't too worried about debunking or confirming rumors so we may just never actually know. Check out the pics below and see for yourselves.


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