After releasing their album Welcome to Reality in 2011, “Innocence” became one of Nero's greatest hits and remains one of their most popular tracks today. Many fans have longed to see the day that this edit would be released and, thankfully, that day has finally come. This “Innocence” edit places a darker yet powerful sort of euphoria to the track, making it perfect for any nightclub. Although this new release was a sudden surprise for many of us, it seems like it really wasn't much of a shocker at all. In the UK and most of Europe, today is 28/08. Coincidently, the year 2808, is the year of the imaginary Nero universe. Is this really a coincidence? I think not.

Nero fans, if this is all you anticipated to see or hear tonight, you surely thought wrong. Aside from the Innocence release, a new track was debuted as well. “Blade Runner 2049 (Demo)” truly sounds like the perfect track for any badass Sci-Fi movie. Need help scaring off those little trick or treaters this Halloween? I'm very confident that this track will help you with that. It's heavy beats and scary vibe will undeniably compliment any haunted house.

Check out the new tracks below.

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