Deadmau5 is always full of surprises. We assumed the man behind the mouse helmet might take a break after holding his wedding just last week. But as the saying goes, there ain't no rest for the wicked. And the track Deadmau5 just dropped with Shotty Horroh is absolutely wicked.

‘The track features Shotty Horroh. The rapper and hip hop artist was signed to Mau5trap about a month ago now and ever since we have been seeing and hearing teasers of collaborations with Deadmau5. Deadmau5 finally decided to treat us with an absolutely massive track called ‘Legendary'. This was an entirely surprise release, nobody saw it coming. What's more? ‘Legendary' is just down right bad ass. The beat samples an old school flute melody which Deadmau5 has chopped up and added in several layers of synths and bass.

Check this track out below. This is only the first collaborative release from Deadmau5 and Shotty Horroh since the artist's signing to Mau5trap. We definitely expect and hope for more.