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Jauz Drops New Single, Completing An Easter Egg That Might Be A New Announcement

Jauz just dropped a new single late last night and it is one of his best so far in 2017. The last few releases we got from Jauz were his mash ups and remixes in honor of Shark Week. Today though we get an entirely new production. ‘Alpha' is a strong statement track that does not hold anything back.

If you were to hear ‘Alpha' in a set you would have no trouble identifying it as a Jauz production. Filled with both electro and bass house elements, ‘Alpha' is about what you would expect from the shark man himself. It is a clean and exciting production.

What's more is that the release of the album completes a pretty cool easter egg that Jauz has slowly been putting together. If you combine the last four cover arts of Jauz's singles you will see that they makes one big picture. It says, OTDE or Off The Deep End. The name of his latest tour. This might also serve as announcement for an EP or Album as well. Check it out below. Shoutout to /u/_NightShade_ for discovering this cool feature before anyone else.

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