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New Music Artist of the Week: PSYRUS

Hey all! I hope you are all settling in after a killer weekend at Moonrise and found your way through the mud back to your beds at home. Today we are kicking off this Monday with another installment of our Artist of the Week series with live performing electronic dance music artist, PSYRUS. They bring a heavy rock element to electronic dance music that we have seen success with legendary artist, Pendulum.

PSYRUS was founded in 2016 by Andrew K. and the band consolidated a group of musicians experiences and love for music that featured crossovers between rock and EDM. They are inspired by works from Pendulum, Korn, The Prodigy and their own personal preferences such as The Exploited, GBH, and Sex Pistols, that they then filter through their own lens to create new, original, and fresh music for the scene, something that is increasingly difficult to come by as days go on. PSYRUS is ready to present their brand new sound to the world and we're so excited we get to debut them on our site!

Their newest track, Hitcher, really takes on a super-heavy, groovy rock sound with killer lyrics, guitar riffs, spacious pad-sounds, pluck synths, and an overall celestial vibe. It picks up mid-way through with a really well developed build with meaningful, crowd friendly lyrics, and culminates with a super-dub influenced drop that really can move just about any dance floor in the world. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Founder of PSYRUS, Andrew K

Dmitry Windom R, Keyboard and MIDI

Anton, Guitar

Tony Checkmar, Drums

PSYRUS plans on releasing more singles in the near future, then an EP. They said they currently have a ton of tracks finished that are already sent to L.A. for mixing and mastering by the legendary music engineer, Mark Needham.

We are absolutely delighted to host PSYRUS on our site for the week and really are looking forward to the continued success of their original sound throughout the scene. Keep on a lookout for some of their new music being released in the future!


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