The 21-year-old Dutch producer and DJ, Martin Garrix, has teased six upcoming IDs recently, including this one used in his Ibiza recap video. Now, it seems fans are finally going to have access to his music as he announced over twitter that he will be releasing his Tomorrowland closer in the next two weeks.

The song, which he claims was created specifically for Tomorrowland, is punctuated with pronounced kicks and a smooth melody. You can listen to it in Garrix's full Tomorrowland set here.

In addition to the exciting news about his upcoming release, there are rumors circulating on reddit about his possible production of Justin Bieber's latest single. The song, “Friends,” is set to come out this Friday and appears to have a strong EDM influence. However, Garrix denied the rumors over Twitter earlier today.

Even though it appears that the rumor is nothing more than that, fans have been hoping for a Bieber and Garrix collaboration ever since the DJ was signed to SB productions, the management company used by Bieber. Hopefully the two artists will come together and deliver something in the near future.


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