A wild new track that will have you head banging

Making use of classic dubstep and trap influences, Wild Boyz and R3x0R have put their best feet forward with roaring Reese synths and creative sampling in their latest collaborative track “Illest.”

The track is grimy and hard hitting, as any good dubstep should be, with the kind of bass that gets in your ears. The verses and builds keep your attention up front with centre panned vocal chops and tight snares only to slam you with sophisticated drops that push growling bass and howling synths into your ear drums. The result, a massive, main-stage killer. (i.e. “Banger”).

Indeed, while the weather may be getting cooler towards the end of the summer, at least the music is still fire…. I'll see myself out.

Bad puns aside, for those of you not acquainted with the artists involved, San Francisco based Wild Boyz has been in the game since 2012 when the rising stars began experimenting in electronic music with the soul of rock and roll. Previously a two man show, the duo split in 2014. Kean B. has since spearheaded the brand.

As for R3x0R, a lesser known DJ and producer hailing from Myrtle Beach, the sky is the limit. Having produced heavy hitting Dubstep and Trap for more than four years now, the artist has had plenty of time to craft their style with roots in Moombahton audible in their work.

Both Wild Boyz and R3x0R are a force to be reckoned with in a slew of upcoming and talented dubstep and electronic artists. With the addition of their latest track, things are only going to get better for the two of them.

Keep your finger on the pulse of their music via their social media profiles here:

Wild Boyz!


Listen to the banger below:

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Dylan Broda
I like electronic music, and all the sub genres and the "sub" sub genres that come with it... I'm a student currently living in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I blog about upcoming music and more recently have been producing my own. I enjoy listening to Future Bass, Trap, Chill-Step, Neon Nature, Nu-Disco, Electro, ElectroSwing, Tropical house, GlitchHop, Dubstep and many and more combinations of the above.